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This was super cool. I really liked the mechanic of getting off of your boat into a 2d world, though I wish it made your 2d world face straight forward so I could line it up better. I think that's what the "zoom out" powerup was meant to help you with- figuring out how to get a coin that's to your left, but I think I could have preferred trying to line up multiple coins I could see and try to get them all in one go.

I played until I drove off the side of the map. The wiggle effect made my screen render as blank, and when I got to the end screen, it was also blank and the text didn't render. There probably is some more fun lore here but I didn't get to see it. I also enjoyed exploring below the water as a dead cat, plunging into the ever deepening depths. The towers on the horizon and the sinking depths give some nice cthulhu vibes.


thanks for playing!


Future Boy Conan!

It was great fun to explore the decadent atmosphere! Also, the moment the timer hit zero was very scary!!!!


ya!! What a great show. Thanks for playing!


this is all of the npcs in the game, in case anyone wants to try to find them all (that might actually be really difficult, especially in a single run)