A collection of 36 non linear poems.

A multidimensional prison cube left abandoned and unfinished.

 6 Living Beings.

1 "ending"

1 cool song by Ostin.

Made in Bitsy.


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this is like my third time playing this and i finally got to the ending! its a good mess, thank you for making it


This game is a beast! It consumed part of my life.. lucky for me I found my way out.


I love the poems very deep


Thank you. I found the words painful, the design ingenious, the ending frustrating to locate, and the experience nigh-tearful. For quite a while I was afraid the ending was simply when you gave up, turned it off in frustration as you never found the blasted rope again. As it is not, I would say there is a second ending: leaving the game unfinished.

I am glad I did not take that second path.

Thank you, for sharing a piece of your soul with me.


thanks! one of the best comments ive ever recieved on anything.