Note: The PC build has better audio, if you notice things are popping or crackling
And Other Stories is a mixed media mess of bitsy, unity, photography, sprite work, and more. Play through 4 slice of life stories simultaneously, with your attention jumping every which way.


The game is free in browser and for PC download but if you like the game and want to donate, 2$ gets you access to the source files, which include:

  • "Game Design Docs" which are really my extremely rough phone notes
  • Photos and Bitsified versions of said photos
  • Shoddy source code, moderately commented. Maybe you can make ur own multibitsies?
  • full Music files
  • the full .ase file I used when making the sprites
  • The individual bitsy games playable in browser, in case playing them all together gives you  a headache or something
  • A bunch of other crap thats just in the folders


  • Main song by Austin Heller (Twitter-Soundcloud-Itch)
  • Bitsy by Adam Le Doux. I would reccomend bitsy to anyone new to game dev who just wants to make lil guys talk to eachother, or anyone experienced in game dev who's sick of having to do so much goddamn work, its a great engine.
  • BitsySharp by Dylan Engelman, which lets you use bitsy games in unity.
  • Image To Bitsy by Ruin, which lets you turn images into bitsy screens.
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(25 total ratings)
AuthorJohnLee Cooper
GenreInteractive Fiction, Puzzle, Visual Novel
Made withUnity
TagsBitsy, Experimental, mind-bending, Music, Pixel Art, sad, Slice Of Life, Unity


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finally got around to playing this gem ✨ great design all around, found it really inspiring!


woah thanks, glad u enjoyed!


just beautiful. i want to play it again immediately but i need time to digest what happened. some poignant, funny, and very real pieces that hit home in all the right ways. wonderful

thanks for playin!


really really beautiful

thanks for playing, and streaming! Sorry I couldn't catch it live, but its always cool to be able to see how people experience my games.


What an experience. At first I didn't get why this was special beyond the novelty of playing four bitsy games at once, but when the screen started to get filled with all those objects I picked up, the moon showed up and I started to get in the zone... Wow.

I love all the subtle and not so subtle ways the four stories connect. This is definitely somewhere I will come back to in the future. Thank you for making this.


aw, thank you!


hey i got around to playing this!! i really like how its so difficult to juggle the screens at the same time. its rly cool, thanks!!


really unique game. Love the atmosphere. Whats the song?

(+2)(-1) It was made specifically for this game by my good friend Austin!