A downloadable gam

This is literally just a school programming project. We had to make an interactive toy, imma just host it here for bois to download.

The dude (he's a square, it's abstract) can platformer his way around with arrow keys, and wall jump. And he can screenwrap. what a life

The ball (he's actually just a circle that tricks your mind into thinking it's a ball) gets flung with the mouse by clicking and dragging.

The diamond is just an unstoppable death machine, like real diamonds. your only escape is when he glitches out and stops moving. This is referred to here in game design school as "emergent narrative".

Install instructions

You just unzip that ting and open either the 64 or 32 bit folders, and there it is, as an exe. There was a problem trying to export for mac and linux. If anyone cares enough I can try to solve it but I expect literally 0 people to read this, let alone play the thing.


balldude.rar 31 MB

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