Made in roughly 3 hours for the Paradise Blitz Jam 4! The theme was: "Collage"

Controls: WASD/Arrows to move, Space to Jump. 

Theres also audio in this game but it doesnt work in webgl right now. Will fix that later, as well as add a windows build. for now tho, audio works in linux build if thats a thing your computer can run.

Well, ive decided i actually like it better without the audio. simply make your own audio with your mouth, computer, mind, or whatever

Updated 18 days ago
Published 22 days ago
PlatformsLinux, HTML5
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(13 total ratings)
AuthorJohnLee Cooper
Tagsambient, Atmospheric, Pixel Art, psychedelic


frog up linux 67 MB


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my eyes, they burn.


swag i walked around for like 2 minutes before reading the description and realizing i could jump 10/10 would fall quickly past the rapidly unpeeling layers of history again


I'm really curious about the text in the background. I was only able to read about half of it because of how obscured it is. I really enjoyed this though. It was a cool experience to jump all of the way from the top.


this was kinda hard to see ngl lol




wow, really adore this. the feeling of pushing through leaves and debris is pretty amazing. i love how mysterious navigation is, how difficult it is to parse the layers from each other, and then how good it feels to latch onto a new ledge and climb ever higher. the ending is playfully beautiful, and i ended up taking the plunge back down, causing all the passed layers to come rushing back -- gorgeous!


hahah yesss, glad someone else jumped off the top


this says too much about society


Is it supposed to look like a glitched matrix?


The concept of jumping to ever higher altitudes is interesting


So nice

youre so nice!