Drag right to move the train to the right. 

Made for the "If on a summer's Night A Game Designer" game jam.

All the text in the game is taken from the short story collection "Numbers In The Dark" by Italo Calvino.

Music By Austin Heller. (Twitter-Soundcloud-Itch)

All the watercolours are by me.

Made in FlatPack by Candle, a thing that lets you make flat games and export them as unity webgl builds right on your phone!!! Check it out!

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AuthorJohnLee Cooper
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withUnity
TagsFemale Protagonist, flatgame, Story Rich, Trains, watercolor


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I'm working on an essay about Calvino's influence on videogames and i've been going through loooots of games but yours stands out imo.  something about your game really got to me (it made me a bit sad but in a good way). Thanks for sharing it <3

thanks! an essay about calvino's influence on games is a great idea. first found him thru the jon blow talk, and ye i really feel like calvino woulda been making games if he were around today, so many of his stories are so... systems driven lol. my game 12:44 am is also p heavily calvino inspired if ur interested


this was so beautiful. i played it over the weekend and it reminded me what i love about games (a thing i lose sight of sometimes): the pinprick of a feeling, an idea, making me feel something about my own life and the ground it shares with others. thank you for making it :)


woah thanks! most of the credit has to go to calvino for this one i think lol, buts fun scrapbooking stuff together like this... plunderludics adjacent?