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Life In Captivity Is:

A puzzle game that mixes the rules of Sokoban with the rules of Conway's Game Of Life, forming a curious and challenging hybrid that explores the collision of those two systems through 20 levels.

-A psychedelic audio-visual experience, reacting to and interacting with it's whopping 20 song soundtrack, created by Wonderboi

-A personal solo project hodgepodged together intermittently for over a year, reflective of it's own development and my own warping psyche.


~note: this game has some pretty freaky flashy visuals and audio at times, be aware if you suffer from epilepsy and the like.

Rated 3.3 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
AuthorJohnLee Cooper
Tags2D, Abstract, Colorful, Indie, Music, Narrative, Neon, psychedelic, Singleplayer

Install instructions

Unzip and play! Controls for posterity:

-wasd or arrows to move

-space to iterate the game of life rules

-r to reset a level

-n to skip a level if you cant figure it out

-audio controls and quit done with the mouse

-there's some unfinished controller support in there, not recommended but i think the main controls are in so its playable.


Life In Captivity.zip 70 MB


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Love this game. Brilliant concept, well executed. Great music. Needs a level select screen, though.


This was a pretty amazing concept for a puzzle game. Never have  seen anything like it.


This was awesome. A marvelous re-discovery of these genres through such a simple concept (in hindsight)!

It's as if this new iteration could have came about independently from either sokoban or Conways's without the other ever existing prior.

A cerebral game by nature.