Welcome to Locked In, a sokoban game I threw together real quick in puzzlescript for Thinky Puzzle Game Jam 2

Push blocks into targets to beat each level, but blocks get stuck in the direction you've pushed them until they collide with another block.

There are 8 levels, and they get quite difficult. Enjoy!

Oh also the background tiles are randomized. that doesnt have anything to do with the puzzles i just wanted to do it.

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AuthorJohnLee Cooper
Made withPuzzleScript
Tagsblocks, Cute, Difficult, Pixel Art, PuzzleScript, Short, Sokoban


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This was harder than it looks.
Interesting concept man.


The locked-in mechanic feels intuitive, and has some neat consequences. I like how the static regenerates on restart, it's nice visual feedback.


Very cool. I dig the visuals, and it's definitely tricky enough for me!