Use the mouse!

Made for Paradise Blitz Jam V: "Shapes"!

Once you've beaten the game, you can refresh the page and press P for a different experience

PlatformsLinux, HTML5
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(17 total ratings)
AuthorJohnLee Cooper
Tags2D, 3D, Atmospheric, gurnlike, Narrative, psychedelic, Surreal, Unity


Turn Out 25 MB


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short and lovely! The text is a very interesting addition, i loved this 


would love to see this expanded into a whole thing!


pretty :3


Simple, fun, and pretty! 


This is awesome! I was pleasantly surprised being able to walk through the scene and see your use of perspective in 3D. SUPER cool!


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Not bad but I wish there was more to it. Also, do you want to see one of the games I made?

Love it as an artwork on my wall :)

thanks! feel free to do that!


Text is a bit hard to read... "Try to hold it in your mind (as you shape up to be someone else/as you turn out to be somewhere else) The image of these empty streets"?

Had to do it twice, couldn't find the last tiny shape the first time. Otherwise pretty neat.


i know i need a program for it and i don't understand anything but can anyone tell me what program should i use to create a game

im not very good at scripting


well, some free options that i use are Unity (sort of requires scripting in c# but there are plugins like playmaker that let you do visual flowcharting logic instrad), godot, puzzlescript, bitsy (no scripting required and in browser! this is what i usually recommend to beginners!).

some other stuff i havent used quite as much is Unreal Engine (also has visual scripting), Gamemaker (which has some weird non scripting logic stuff)

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thx but before i tried to create a game in godot before but i didnt understand anything of it and so i uninstalled it...

so where do i get unity

also i tried to open roblox studio and the app didn't work

tried to download c++,unity,unreal engine. and

ill try puzzlescript or bitsy

nice! ye unity is i think nice to start with cause u can usually easily google ur problems and find someone else with the same one. bitsy is great for starting because its very restrictive and simple to use, so u can get something fun v quick! and finishing small things is great for motivation imo

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so bitsy actually deserved and i have the game in my account now

and what about the folder and upload the game to here


Pretty interesting and unusual :D

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this game made me very happy. i played it while eating canned tuna and now i am convinced i can fix my life. thank you :)


10/10 comment <3


Turn Out Gameplay

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Surrealist Lego Star Wars Hold 'B' to Build Minigame

13.5/10, docked half a point for not having the lego build sound play at half speed soaked in reverb while building but gained 4 points for unchained squidward time machine wanderlust NG+ mode.


this is why ur my sound guy


very beautiful and relaxing game :) reloading the page and changing things up a bit and exploring is fun

i enjoyed the game the most in the beginning when i was just messing around with the shapes without realizing that i was trying to reconstitute a landscape, so i think it would be cool if you could re-scramble the locked-in shapes by using the right mouse button for e.g.