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Idk what to title this collection, its any game project by me that doesnt qualify for the other categories.

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Sometimes Im just a Small Part Of Something Bigger

Bear Vegas Games

Me, Silver Lewis and Austin Heller . Longtime real life friends who do game jams together pretty often! Austin also does music for most of my games.

PuzzSoft Classics

I've been a big fan of Puzzsoft's work ever since I was a kid. Their cutesy graphics, obtuse design, and 90s in your face attitude were a big influence on me. The fan club includes me, Michael Guattery , Marty Daniels , and Rachel Theil

My Bitsy Games

My PuzzleScript Games


Stacktus Team Games

Me, Justin Capcap , Jesse Baker, Aaron Sutton, and Matt Murch. We were a group one year in college, making a bunch of prototypes leading up to Stacktus, which I'm still pretty proud of. The rest of these guys all have cool fruitful game dev...